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Promethea Arts is a place to explore your creative side.
A place to relax and have fun.

68 Main St, Deep River, CT

I am Betsy Himmelman, the founder and creative director of Promethea Arts. I have been a public school Art Teacher for 33 years, concentrating mostly on ceramics for the last 10 years. My work has been exhibited and sold in galleries and shows for decades. Promethea Arts is my retirement fun! 


We run ceramics classes in hand building and wheel throwing throughout the year, workshops in all types of crafts and arts for adults and children, fun arts "experiences", birthday parties, art exhibits, and summer programs for kids. 

Our facility was built in 1860 (when Abe Lincoln was president!). We put a LOT of work into it to turn it into our school! It sits on Main Street, a stone's throw away from the eponymous Deep River, which gave the town it's name. Take a stroll to one of the many nearby shops and eateries in our lively neighborhood!


Classes began 2023. Please sign up for our email notifications and check out this website for class and event schedules.


We also provide studio space for Lizzie Appleby Photograpy,

specializing in family, individual, and holiday portraits. Click on the apple!

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